If you listen to the politicians, and most of the press, you might conclude there is something unpatriotic about (a) earning a profit; and (b) using a business jet.


Let’s start with the premise that earning a profit is a good thing to do, as long as you don’t violate the laws of God, your country, or intentionally harm your fellow man.


It’s Patriotic to Provide Jobs


Given that you already know the importance and value of earning a profit, we should be able to agree that jobs are good for America; and providing them is a patriotic thing to do.


To create and provide jobs, you need to close sales and keep customers. Doing those two things well requires you to make the best use of the talent, capital, skills and tools available for your company.


Business Travel Is a Fact of Life


Whether you’re a small business owner, mid-sized company executive, or C-level corporate executive, you end up spending a lot of time on the road.


In this tough economy, it’s more likely that you must be face-to-face with your prospects to help your sales team close key sales. No matter how much authority you delegate, the prospects often insist on meeting “the boss” and looking in your eyes before they’ll sign that order.


Even successful meetings typically last only two hours but require an overnight trip because of airline schedules.


Travel to Protect the Account


No sooner do you get back in the office than you find out you must leave again to sit down with a supposedly “safe” account which suddenly is in danger of moving to your competition.


Did you know you can fly to only 13 cites from Greenville-Spartanburg non-stop on the airlines? What’s worse is that you can only go to 8 of those cities every day of the week.


If you want to go anywhere on the airlines besides that handful of cities, you must fly to one of the airline hubs and change planes.


Charter, on the other hand, allows you to fly directly to your destination city, when you need to go there, while continuing to work on board in complete privacy.  That flexibility can make the difference in closing a sale or saving an account.


A Recent Example


In late January 2009, one of our clients had an opportunity to bid in an auction for the property management business and other company assets of a corporation going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Our client’s winning bid, on February 5, expanded their capabilities 147 percent!


Venture Aviation was honored to play a role in this business success story by flying our clients on two separate trips to Wilmington, DE over a 2-week period.


Our clients told us that one reason they were successful in obtaining this huge increase in business was their ability to move fast. They competed against several other national firms but won out, in part, because of the speed they could be places and the flexibility our plane provided.


Right Reason, Right Plane, Right Now


Charter our Beech Baron as an alternative to spending all day driving to and from a sales presentation. Use the King Air to close a sale in the morning; then stop off once or twice on the way home to visit current customers and to shore up accounts. When you get the call to “come at once” our Citation V business jet is the answer, offering the most speed and non-stop range in our fleet.


Profits, Patriotism and Planes

Chartering a plane for cost-effective business reasons, like closing sales and saving client accounts, is a good thing to do. It helps you earn a profit, which lets you create and keep jobs.


What could be more patriotic than that?