Venture Aviation Group is a full-service Aircraft Management, Brokerage and Charter Company founded in August 1998. Venture has enjoyed annual growth each year and has consistently delivered on its management contracts.

Venture currently flies and manages: One 58 Baron, a King Air C90B, four (4) Super King Air 200’s, a Super King Air 350, a Citation V, a Citation Encore, a Citation Excel and a super mid-size Gulfstream G200.

  • Venture Aviation’s Aircraft Management Services encompass the following areas:
  • Turn-key aircraft management (Most comprehensive in the Upstate)
  • Full-time crew services (365 days per year) w/benefits and no extra fees
  • Full-time Maintenance Manager (Certified A&P) and Experienced technicians
  • Maintenance coordination & oversight (Inspections & Repairs)
    • Parts & Labor Savings
    • We don’t just drop off your plane and say “Call us when it’s ready!”
    • Complete Maintenance/Parts/Structural/Component Manuals
    • Large complement of maintenance equipment and tooling
    • Extensive consumable part’s supply
  • Contract negotiations (Insurance, Maintenance, Fuel, etc.)
  • Charter revenue, if desired
  • Aircraft cleaning and upkeep
  • Add-Venture Perks (Complete trip coordination)
  • Cessna, Beechcraft and Pilatus Experience

Venture currently employs nineteen (19) full-time pilots allowing us to provide year-round crew services. Each pilot undergoes annual training under the supervision of the FAA and a contracted Flight Simulation provider.

Venture also provides full-service sales and trip coordination by employing a Charter Coordinator to handle all flight arrangements such as scheduling, ground transportation, lodging, and catering to name a few.

FAA and current Management contract references available.

Services Offered:

  • Jets
  • Jet-Props
  • Twin-Engine Piston Aircraft
  • Air Ambulance Coordination
  • Priority Air Cargo
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Aircraft Parts Locator and sales

This section is designed to answer questions that you may have regarding aviation services and what makes Venture Aviation stand above the competition.

Highest Safety Standards

Safety is our primary focus. We own & operate our own fleet, which gives us complete control over equipment, maintenance & crew. Our flight and ground crews undergo stringent training on a regular basis and our flight crews’ total flight times are above the accepted norm for the industry.

Tailored Service to Your Needs

Every customer has a different need or goal – that is why we tailor programs to meet each customer’s needs on an individual basis. We offer standard charter, block time and management programs. Which is best for you?

Based on the information you provide, we will create a portfolio showing you all options available. Then we will guide you through the decision process, ensuring you the highest customer service satisfaction.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on the Customer Service that we provide our clients. We go above and beyond the normal customer service level that most companies offer. Our Schedulers will arrange every aspect of your flight, whether catering, ground transportation or overnight accommodations. Our flight crews are assigned with the needs of individual clients in mind, in order to build a rapport and ensure that a thorough understanding of individual requirements is developed and retained.

24-7-365 days a year

With a call to our 24-hour dispatch center, you will always receive a “live” person, no answering machines or digital pagers! You never know when you will need to fly – but we will be waiting for your call.

Confidentiality & Privacy

We value our customers’ privacy. Our clientele can be assured that their personal information will remain personal and confidential. We do not share or sell our clients’ information. Nor do we discuss our client’s travel or business transactions. For our aircraft owners and members of our Partnership Program, the operation of your personal aircraft can be virtually anonymous to observers. Venture Aviation can be listed as the official operator, keeping your name concealed and out of the eye of the public. This will not in any way affect the legal ownership of the aircraft.

Worldwide Capability

Whether you are in Georgia, New York, California, or across the ocean in Europe or Asia, we can arrange your flights! We can arrange an aircraft for you no matter where you are. If we do not have an aircraft where you are, we can locate one for you. We have a network of reputable operators that we work with, that have passed our rigorous audit, ensuring that you receive a safe operator that follows the same strict procedures and guidelines that Venture Aviation does.