Save Time

Time is the hottest commodity in business today and in life. So when you optimize your schedule, our add more to your bottom line and your life. Charter flights can fly you to airports that are less congested and closer to your final destination. With access to over 5,400 airports nationwide, your flight will literally be more direct which minimizes ground transportation time as well. And spending less time en route also means less time away from your office and home.

Charter service also puts you back in control of your own life. No more juggling schedules and enduring delays to fly commercial. Fly when it’s convenient for you. When you need to be there. Day or night. 365 days a year.

Greater Convenience

Chartering makes the hassles of large, commercial airports only a bad memory. No more lost or damaged luggage. No more commercial flight delays, cancellations, or missed connections.

And during the flight itself, you can enjoy greater privacy and security to prepare presentations, meet with key personnel en route, or get some well-earned rest. It’s a great way to increase your productivity.

Maximize Safety

Traditionally, executive aircraft pilots have the best safety records of any segment of general aviation. Flying into and out of smaller, less congested airports contributes to the overall safety of your trip, too. Our aircraft are ranked the highest in their class for safety and comfort. So charter to maximize the safety and peace of mind for yourself and your staff.

Surprisingly Affordable

Do the math. Business fares are skyrocketing. Time delays are mounting. And business is moving at breakneck speeds. There are times when you or your staff simply has to get there right now! That’s why charter is the smart economical choice for you and your business.

Venture Non-Stop Service Area

With a maximum non-stop range of 1,200 nautical miles, Venture Aviation can also take care of your charter service needs from coast to coast with just two short stops for refueling.