Venture Aviation is a FAA-approved and licensed charter service. That means we’re governed by the same flight rules as commercial airlines for your ultimate safety. Our pilots have thousands of hours of experience with perfect safety records. Our turboprop aircraft are ranked the highest in their class for safety and comfort. We also offer jet service to any destination. And all our flights include a 2-man crew for added safety.

Centrally located at the Greenville downtown airport, you’ll enjoy easy in and out, convenient parking, and personalized service.
Plus, we can do more than just get you there safely. With Add-Venture perks, we can pick you up at your door, take care of in-flight catering needs, arrange transportation and accommodations at your destination, or at your request, we’ll wait for you.
Committed to professional, personalized service, Venture Aviation is your best choice for executive charter air service in the Upstate.

  • Accommodates all passengers in roomy comfort, with reclining leather seats.
  • Foldaway tables make working or eating comfortable and convenient.
  • Cavernous 48 cubic feet of baggage area is accessible during the flight.
  • Lavatory facilities.
  • Equipment certified to fly up to 30,000 feet to avoid rough weather.

Whether you need to see a banker in New York or New Orleans, a client in Cincinnati or Chicago, a supplier in Des Moines or Dallas, or a prospect in Tampa or Topeka, Venture Aviation can get you there and back safely, quickly, and in the style and comfort you prefer.

Not Just For Business

Whether you’re faced with a sudden family emergency, a last minute change in plans, or simply want to enjoy a vacation with family or friends even before you arrive at your destination, Venture is the perfect choice for private air travel. A day at the beach or on the links at a favorite resort can become reality. Compare the costs of last minute commercial fares to Venture’s hassle-free private air options. Don’t just talk about those spontaneous trips. Now you can do them with pleasure with Venture.

Pilot Your Own Course

After flying with Venture, you may decide that aircraft ownership, either in part or whole, is the perfect answer to your company or private travel needs. Venture Aviation also offers aircraft management, sales, acquisitions, brokerage, consulting, and pilot services. Take charge of your schedule. Maximize your time and productivity. Choose Venture Aviation for all your air travel needs. For more information or to book your next flight, call 864-370-2962. When you add Venture to your life…you’ll find the sky’s not the limit!