Destination: Cuba

Venture Aviation is now fully authorized to provide transportation to and from Cuba.

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House Bill 3568

Amended House Bill 3568 Tax exemption on parts used in general aviation aircraft repair...more information included below from Tax Analyst...

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GSA’s On-Demand Airline Adds PC-12 and Hires additional Pilot’s

(Greenville, SC: February 14, 2012) – Greenville’s own Venture Aviation has added a late model Pilatus PC-12 to its Charter and...

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Budgeting and Planning for the Company Plane

Every charter customer, at some point, asks us for ideas to help them cost justify the charter investment they make to fly with us in what...

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Save Time and Money Using an On-Demand Airline

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom that chartering a plane is only for the rich, Venture Aviation routinely flies...

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Profits, Patriotism and Planes

If you listen to the politicians, and most of the press, you might conclude there is something unpatriotic about (a) earning a profit; and...

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